Professional Training Program

Florida School for Dance Education is thrilled to announce its Professional Training Program. Admission to the program is by audition only. These students will be trained by a highly skilled and renowned faculty in a curriculum that includes Ballet Technique, Pointe, Variations, Partnering, Private Coaching Sessions, Men’s Class, Repertoire, Contemporary, Modern, and Pilates classes. There will be speakers and workshops covering topics such as nutrition, audition technique, acting, and injury prevention. In addition to the FSDE school faculty,guest teachers and choreographers will be invited throughout the year to enhance the students’ experiences and training. This program is open to both home school and virtual school students, allowing the parents to choose the method they are most comfortable with for their individual child.


The first technique class of the day runs from 9:00-10:30 am. This is followed by free time to work on academics and individual coaching sessions. Parents are welcome to schedule tutors or facilitators to come and work with their children during this time if needed. The day continues with a variety of classes and rehearsals until 3:30. The students are then able to take evening class, work on academics, or leave. This program is six days a week and is intended for those who wish to dance in an elevated college program, move into a trainee/apprentice position or work in a professional company.

Please inquire about:

  • Men’s Scholarship Program
  • Guest Artists Program
  • Performance Opportunities


When May 7, 2016
Where Florida School for Dance Education
Time 12:30-2:00 pm (11+)
2:00-4:00 pm (13+)

Students must be entering middle school to be considered for the Professional Training Program. Students will participate in a ballet class, pointe, and contemporary work. Please wear ballet attire.