What to look for in a school

Here is a link offering advice for people looking for a good school –¬†http://balletshoesandbobbypins.com/choosing-a-dance-schoolFSDE Seniors Mikala

Here are some things that will show you why FSDE is the right choice for you and/or your child.

  • Our students go on to some of the nations best dance programs and universities, often with scholarships.
  • We offer a professional program with 9 ability based levels in the regular divisions and 5 age based levels in the pre-division.
  • Almost all of our staff have performed professionally before moving into teaching.
  • Our studio is clean and professional and includes¬†floating floors for injury prevention, large studio space allowing students to move, accompanists and men’s facilities.
  • Assessing levels and beginning pointe work are done on an individual basis putting the student’s safety and welfare first.
  • Most important, we care about the individual child and their goals.

We invite you to come visit and speak with our students and their parents to learn what makes FSDE so special.